Wednesday, 8 April 2009


We know I have a haunted handbag and the ghost hasn’t gone anywhere.  It’s still there.

A sample of texts on my phone this evening:

“Is ten o’clock tomorrow okay with you?  I am assuming it is not going to be raining x”

“You aren’t actually typing anything !”

“Very funny another empty text !”

“Okay so you send me 5 blank text messages while you are driving and manage to answer a call while you speak to someone else and you don’t speak !”

I checked my phone.  I’d actually sent 13 blank text messages to Janet.

Sorry Janet.  It was my handbag ghost.

1 comment:

janet said...

Yes, I was feeling quite popular until I realised it was Ann's handbag ghost sending me blanks.
How it managed to dial my number and answer my call is very impressive: obviously a very hi tec ghost residing in there!