Sunday, 6 September 2009

BBQ – no thanks

Is it just me, or are barbeques a bit of a faff?

Victoria wanted a gas barbeque and was asking for advice. 

Vish was of the opinion that gas was a heinous crime.  The only barbeque one should entertain owning is charcoal.

Lucinda owned up to owning a gas barbeque but that wasn’t her crime.  Her crime was buying disposable barbeques and using the gas barbeque as an attractive platform to support the disposable barbeque.

Whereas others considered this to be a bizarre practise, I thought it was completely logical and actually very sensible.  Although I did suggest that it would be possible to rest the disposable barbeque on a less expensive option.

Barbeques are hard work.

It’s the cleaning I detest.

I’ve been told that barbeques should be cleaned while they’re warm.  How stupidly impractical.  When I’ve sat down to a barbeque meal with a glass or three, the last thing I want to do is to rush to don the Marigolds.

Plus it’s just such a horrible job to do.  It’s filthy, dirty work.  It’s so much worse than a bit of washing up, and of course just because you’ve used the barbeque it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any washing up.  So you have the hideous barbeque cleaning and the washing up to do.

So we tend to leave the barbeque cleaning until the next time we want to use it.  This means that the happy anticipation of outdoor cooking is spoilt by the knowledge that there’s an onerous task waiting.

So, Victoria, my advice is buy disposable barbeques and enjoy the pleasure and avoid the pain.


Janie Hobbs said...

We burn off the food and then scrape off the debris. Should not have to wash it if you burn it all off. We then oil the hotplates for next time.

Gas is much easier, we have one at home and one in the caravan. Cook breakfast in 10 mins with no mess in the kitchen.

Rana said...

I've been saying so for a long time

BBQs are completely faff. As is the whole idea of eating outside. Either it's too hot, or too wet, or windy, there are flies and wasps and ants, the food is rarely cooked properly ...

that's just one reason why thousands of years ago the first civilised people invented a concept called "indoors" that can take practical manifestation in a thing called a "kitchen"

it really works