Saturday, 5 February 2011

An experiment

If you want to know who’s deleted you on Facebook, just head on over to “People you may know.”

There, amongst the thousands of faces, will be the people who have decided that you’re not their cup of tea.

It’s happened to me, and I’m not surprised.  I’m vocal and opinionated and if my vocal opinion doesn’t match yours, on a regular basis, then I imagine you’ll decide distance is preferable.

I have an inkling that some of the deleters have just been irritated by my lack of involvement in their Facebook statuses.  It’s a sort of “am I not good enough” arrogance.

I’ve never deleted/defriended anyone.  I might have restricted access to my content but think I’ve only done that to two people.  I’ve also turned down the volume on a few people because (like myself) they were overly enthusiastic about updating their status.  I’ve also blocked applications that cluttered my news feed.

So I’m experimenting, and severing the link between Twitter and Facebook.  I’m turning my Facebook volume down, as an experiment, to see whether I like it better that way.

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