Sunday, 17 April 2011

Data Protection Act II and subversion

No, there isn't a DPAII that I'm aware of but this is my second of two posts on the subject.

You know when you return something to a shop and they refund your credit card and they ask you for your name, address and sometimes phone number....

When have you been told what the company is doing with that information?

When have you been asked about marketing permissions associated with those details?

Have you ever questioned the request for your personal data or have you just handed it over for fear of jeopardising your chance of successfully getting your money back?

You mug!

Me too.

Why do they need that information?

What do they use it for?

Is it a subversive way to collect information for the marketing database?

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records management said...

Well I think it's pretty elementary to just be careful and watch out to who you give out your information. Some of these companies don't plan on doing anything with that info, but their data protection systems are a bit lacking so you never know who will get to it.