Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chucking rocks

This morning we went for a bike ride around Loch Katrine.  Well I say around, but we have different fitness abilities in our family group so we hired bikes for a couple of hours, cycled for an hour, around part of the Loch, then turned around and headed back.

The Loch was beautiful and I'm pretty sure we'll be going back for a two hour trip on the Sir Walter Scott steamer boat.

At one of the points on our route we stopped.  It was a small beach at the side of the Loch and Ethan and Dave couldn't resist chucking stones in the water tempting Hannah to join them.  I, meanwhile, tried to take arty shots with my phone.

IMG 4655

I've never really understood the need to throw stones into any mass of water.  I can understand the skill involved in skimming flat pebbles on water and I can appreciate the sport of aiming stones at a target in water but just mindlessly chucking rocks in water leaves me cold.

IMG 4649

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