Monday, 24 September 2012


Ethan retains so much information it's scary.

  • Ethan: "Mummy, you know you keep losing your keys?"
  • Me: "Yes…"
  • Ethan: "I know what you need."
  • Me: "What do I need Ethan?"
  • Ethan: "You need a Fiesta."
  • Me: "Why do I need a Fiesta."
  • Ethan: "Because it's got keyless entry and keyless start."
  • Me: "I'd still need to have my keys in my handbag or pocket.  And how do you know the Fiesta has keyless entry and keyless start?"
  • Ethan: "Adverts during Channel 4 news."

I happen to know that adults, grown ups, watch that Fiesta advert and don't realise it's for Fiesta and then don't get the message that the car is available with keyless entry and keyless start.  Strange child.

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