Monday, 15 July 2013

Lady luck

I don't believe in luck but if you asked me, I'd say I was lucky. 


Last week I messed up my diary for Thursday evening. I had arranged for Tesco to deliver groceries and, at the same time, I'd arranged for Ethan to have an assessment in Shenfield.


Dave was working in London so I didn't have a backup plan.


At 7 o'clock I put a note on the front door apologising for not being in and at 7:10 we got in the car to go to Shenfield. After dropping Ethan off I was told that I didn't have to stay while he was being assessed, so I decided to nip home. At home by 7:30, I sat in the car waiting.


At 7:35 Tesco turned up, we unloaded the groceries into the house and I was able to return to pick Ethan up just as he finished his assessment.


It could have been different and that's how I know I'm lucky.  Although I don't seem to win the lottery much...

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