Saturday, 7 September 2013

A letter to my MP

I've just sent this email to my MP.

Dear Eric Pickles,

Michael Gove has reportedly insisted that children need their own bedroom in order to be able to fulfil their potential. He expressed concern for children from poorer families who were forced to share a room.

Iain Duncan-Smith has pushed ahead with the implementation of the "bedroom tax" which insists that children under ten should share a room and children over the age of ten are required to share a room where the children are of the same gender.

Can you please tell me what the Government policy is in this regard. Is it that children from poorer families should expect to fail to reach their potential, or is it that children from poorer families should be given every opportunity to fulfil their potential?

I look forward to your clarification on this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Cardus (Mrs)


Amanda said...

Very well put. Look forward to seeing what sort of reply you get. a straight answer would be nice...

Ann Cardus said...

Thanks Amanda. Mr PIckles is likely to supply something that uses weasel words and doesn't answer the question.