Friday, 11 October 2013

Living next to a building site - day 1

I had heard that my neighbour's building work was going to start this week but, as I hadn't seen removal vans, I had hoped the rumour wasn't true.

This morning however there were clearly builders on site.  This was just one of the vans parked on double yellow lines near a busy junction during the school run.

 I’d really like @Brentwood_BC or @Essex_CC traffic warden to ... on Twitpic

I asked the driver whether our neighbours were still living in the property and he told me they were.  I don't really understand this because at some point their house is being demolished.  

The noise is how I imagine tinnitus to sound.  Have a listen.

There's also the vibration.  Sitting or standing in the house I can feel a vibration in my feet.  I assume my house is being slightly shaken.  

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