Friday, 24 January 2014

Shooting the locals

Someone was shot today near Shenfield station as they emerged from their car.  They were shot in the leg so the person with the gun either didn't mean to kill them or is a really lousy shot.

I found out about this soon after it happened because it resulted in a temporary station closure at Shenfield.    I started out being interested in the associated disruption to my daughter's journey to school and then started to be curious about the shooting.  You see it's not a regular occurrence in this neck of the woods.

Later in the day I saw the incident reported by the Gazette and posted on Facebook.  The first and only comment, when I saw it, was from someone who said "No one gets shot for no reason though usually, do they?"

She's absolutely right.  It's usually because someone who isn't very nice is holding a gun and pulls the trigger.  

But seriously, did she really mean to imply that the victim must have been "asking for it/deserved it"? Really?  Without knowing who has been shot or what are the circumstances if you are a victim of a shooting then there must be a reason?

I don't know who was shot.  I don't know why they were shot, and I'm not going to guess or assume anything.


PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

You are absolutely right. And from all reports it certainly seems unprovoked, based on the little info we have been fed.

But I must, now guiltily confess, my first thought was to absentmindedly ponder, did he piss someone off? Estranged wife? colleague? Bad debt? ...and quickly concluded to even think those things must be due to watching too much Sherlock.

This time last week, my gut instinct was on form. The first report of the little 3 yr old missing I sensed the mother knew exactly where he was. Same with those people with a load of children who set fire to 5 of them in their own home.

The reality is in this quiet, safe, relatively respectable neck of the woods it's a bit of a shock to us all.

So I shall assume, even though it's a lot less exciting, wrong place, wrong time. Poor sod. And, how will he ever feel safe in that poxy, overpriced carpark again?

Perhaps we could campaign for better lighting and a direct station access walkway above the tracks? Dare I say it, cameras?

In the meantime, I hope the shooter is found promptly, and brought to justice.

Ann Cardus said...

They used to have cameras but I think they're fairly useless or were when a friend's bike was stolen from his car while it was parked in the same car park.