Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's nice when that happens

I have a hair styling thingy made by BaByliss.  It has provided good service for a couple of years and is a sort of half hairdryer and half hairbrush.Babyliss2

Well it was working well until a couple of weeks ago it stopped working and started to smell funny and emit smoke.  Given that it had been working well for a good couple of years I figured it needed replacing.  I accepted that it would have gone beyond the one year guarantee and popped out to the High Street to pick up the latest model (essentially the same with a colour change).

As there had been a burning smell and smoke when it failed I thought I ought to let BaByliss know, so I pinged them an email.

They came back quite quickly and asked for the model number mentioning I could have it serviced.

I was sceptical.  How often does a service for a low cost item like this end up costing as much as the item itself, so I asked how much a service would cost.

Armed with the model number they were able to tell me that it was still in the three year guarantee period and the service would be free.

I was surprised there was a three year guarantee and also surprised I hadn't owned it longer.

So I popped down to the Post Office and a couple of emails later Babyliss advised that the model I had was no longer available.  Would I accept the latest model?

Of course I would, and did, and it arrived today.

So I posted it on ebay today too, because I'd already bought a replacement.

I hadn't expected much from BaByliss and they had significantly exceeded my expectations.  It's nice when that happens.

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