Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Moving thoughts, or thought on moving

So I've just finished week 3, and I have some random thoughts.

You have to see a lot of molehills before you see a mole (and I'm still waiting to see one).

Running through mud is a pain in the backside. The upside is that if you end up with mud splashes on your running gear then it looks like you've tried hard.

Running is easier when you're listening to music.

It's really, incredibly annoying when the app you're following that tells you when to run/walk crashes.

It doesn't matter when you go out, it's better to go out then not.

Planning your route so that when you hear the words "Your workout is complete" just as you see your house, is a source of satisfaction.

Planning your route so that the running bits are downhill or on the flat and the walking bits are uphill is also an art form.

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