Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ryan's Daughter

This isn't a blog about a film starring Robert Mitchum, it's about a different Ryan and his daughter Liberty, son Zachary and wife Stacey. It's about the Welsh dragon Ryan Giggs and the very messy super injunction.

I've been thinking about why Giggs has continued to try and prevent this story entering the public domain and it might be because of his wife.

Imagine what's been going on in the Giggs household.

Ryan knows he's been found out and he knows he needs to tell his wife before she finds out from somewhere else. She can't bear the thought of the loss of face.

She wants to try and preserve the marriage but she can't bear the thought of the tabloid press and gossip magazines splashing this salacious tittle tattle all over their front pages, especially as she and Ryan are trying to patch things up.

Or maybe I'm wrong and Giggs has been so stupid that he's honestly felt that a super injunction can prevent his wife from finding out about his indiscretion.

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Anonymous said...

In all honesty, the super injunction is a shambles. I swear his name was mentioned at least three weeks prior to this all coming out. It's the usual blah, rich footballer who has it all and then risks it for a bit of cheap skirt because that's all it is at the end of the day. He deserves everything he gets, I he had manned up about in the first place it would have been yesterdays news by now just like Rooney, Crouch, Cole, Terry etc. If I was his wife I would be mortified, but then again is it not part of the package of being a trophy wag wife and also get a better lawyer. What do you think Anne?