Monday, 17 June 2013

Charitable theft

As we came back to the house I spotted Ethan's scooter left visible in the garden just waiting to be stolen.

I told Ethan he should have tidied it away securely.

Later we left the house and when I returned, on my own, I noticed Ethan's scooter had still been left out.  Ethan had ignored me and hadn't tidied it away despite my threats that it might be stolen.

So I hid it.

When Ethan came home I congratulated him for tidying away his scooter.  He looked to the place where there had been a discarded scooter and found a void.  He was worried.  It had been stolen.

"Can we phone a non emergency police number?" he asked.

"What, because someone was silly enough not to tidy it away and left it in full view?" I replied.  "I don't think so."

We talked about how much the scooter was worth to him and whether he would be prepared to pay a reward for its return.  I offered to create a poster and Ethan agreed that he'd pay £20 to get it back.

I said that if he gave me £20 then I'd get it back to him (obviously via my links to the criminal underworld).  It was a deal.

Ethan went to his room and looked in every nook and cranny and managed to scrape together £19 in change.  His Dad lent him a pound.

He came to me and gave me the handful of coins.

I came clean and we did a different deal.  He could have the scooter back and most of the money but I'd keep one pound and donate it to a local charity.  I also said I'd "steal" anything else that might be left in unsecured location and he wouldn't get it back without a donation to charity.

He thinks he's learnt his lesson.  What do you think?  Should I have kept the £20?  Am I too evil for words?


Rana said...

What he should do is take the twenty pounds from your purse when you are not looking
No I don't believe that you keep it fully secured from your own children at all times
He's then got even with you
Though maybe not the lesson you wanted him to learn

Ann Cardus said...

The issue isn't potential theft by me, it's potential theft by people who fancy stealing a nice scooter because it's been left in plain sight.