Thursday, 20 March 2014

How very dare you?

We're thinking of selling the house.  Well when I say thinking I mean we might have had a casual conversation about it and the next thing I know I'm booking valuations with three estate agents.

And there's the thing, I booked the appointments.  Dave wasn't involved at all.  I might have mentioned it in passing to him after I'd booked them but it was me that sorted it.

A couple of the estate agents asked about who else lived at the property and asked for and took Dave's details.

These two estate agents confirmed the appointment in writing.  And the letters were addressed to my husband and me.

They thanked my husband and me for giving them the opportunity to provide us with an up to date valuation.  Why are they thanking my husband?  It wasn't his idea and, when booked, he knew nothing about it.

They looked forward to meeting us.  Well they'll only be meeting me because I'M THE ONE THAT MADE THE APPOINTMENT!!!

They said if we had any questions we should get in touch and they'd be happy to help.  Well I've got a question "WHY THE HELL DO YOU FEEL IT'S NECESSARY TO WRITE TO MY HUSBAND WHEN I'M YOUR CUSTOMER RIGHT NOW???"

I'm a tad annoyed.  Their copy books are already blotted and there had better be a significant improvement in attitude or they'll never see a penny of commission, if we sell, which we don't really want to.

How very dare they?


The Ample Cook said...

That would make me so bloody angry. What the hell???

Ann Cardus said...

Well I was angry, but kept my anger in check when I met one of them - the other is tomorrow morning.

Rana said...

Well when you do eventually sell you have a choice to either give £10K to that estate agent or £250 to sell it yourself ... though you OR DAVE will need to do the viewings then

Ann Cardus said...

Lots of money to an agent doesn't appeal. But do they secure a better price? I don't know the answer. But I'd have no problems with conducting viewings. Dave would be less keen.