Wednesday, 16 March 2011


No, not the Japanese nuclear reactors.  Me.

It was the tiniest of things that sent me over the edge.  A parents evening appointment that “couldn’t be moved” that clashed with a meeting at work.  And everything came tumbling down.

Everything that I try and do, and fail to achieve, was suddenly brought into sharp focus and I just felt like a complete failure; always letting people down.

Does this happen to other people?  Or should I be making an appointment with the doctor for those little green pills I took when I had post natal depression?

I’ve been crying on and off for about two hours now and it doesn’t matter how many reassuring hugs I get from Hannah, Ethan and Dave, I can’t stop.

I know you don’t really want to read about this but I’m wondering whether putting it into words might help me.  It’s very self-indulgent but right now I think I could do with looking after myself.

Next time you see me I’ll be fine, I promise.  Because bouncing back and keeping a lid on the madness is what it’s all about.  But in the short term Dave has suggested we open a bottle of wine.

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