Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dear Essex and Suffolk Water

Dear Essex and Suffolk Water

I'm sorry that I didn't have the foresight to predict the outcome of our last encounter and understand fully that circumstances experienced were not covered in my previously published terms of engagement.

How were we both to know that your engineer would turn up with all of the requisite equipment to enable water pressure and flow measurement but find it impossible due to the inept installation of a water meter by other Essex and Suffolk Water some years prior?

I have now been waiting almost two weeks for the correct installation of a new water meter as recommended by your representative which, I was assured, would be accompanied by the requested pressure and flow tests.

I would request that you attend to this matter with some urgency because my patience is always thin but, on this particular issue, is somewhat threadbare.

Currently to draw hot water from any tap in the house we need to turn the tap on and then walk to the boiler cupboard, restart the boiler a few times until the hot water light is illuminated and then check that the bath/sink etc doesn't overflow. It is helpful, to ensure continued supply of hot water, to monitor the boiler to ensure it doesn't switch itself off. This is difficult when in the shower but if this has happened the issue does, rather quickly and uncomfortably, become apparent.

My calm demeanour about this state of affairs cannot last and I politely suggest that you get a move on.

Yours with increasing blood pressure

Ann Cardus (Mrs)

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