Sunday, 12 July 2015

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3

There’s nothing in Ian Dury’s lyrics that is an exact fit here but “A bit of grin and bear it, a bit of come and share it” is the closest.
Some Saturdays I have helped marshal at the Brentwood Parkrun.  If you can, I’d recommend you do too.  Reasons to do it:
  • It gets you out of bed
  • It gets you out into the countryside
  • It gets you a little bit of exercise
  • You meet some lovely (kind, generous and fit) people
  • You spend thirty minutes cheering people on, and making others cheer up reflects back into your own mood.
  • For a small investment of time and energy you are contributing to other people’s wellbeing and your own.
  • It’s a great way to start a Saturday
If you want to get involved then find out more here:
If you just like a bit of Ian Dury, here you are:

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