Wednesday, 6 August 2008


OK, so I lost my id badge. And I looked in all the usual places and a few that weren't usual.

I don't know whether you do this too, but when you've lost something do you look in the same place several times because you really think it might be there even though you've checked before?

We have an odds and sods draw in the kitchen (well actually we have two in the kitchen and several others scattered around the house) and, although I've never put my id badge in this drawer, I thought it might be worth checking.

I went through this same thought process and behaviour several times checking the same drawer. Nothing, nicht, nada.

This evening I said to Dave, as I opened the same drawer, "I wish I knew where my badge was" and just as I was about to close the drawer Dave said "What, this badge?" as he pulled my badge from the drawer which I'd just looked in and just hadn't seen the badge.

How annoying is that. I mean it's great he found it, but how annoying is that?


R N B said...

"although I've never put my id badge in this drawer" :)

Ann said...

I know what you're implying but I am not the only person with the opportunity to move things in this house. There are the poltergeists for starters...