Sunday, 3 August 2008

Not the best day

Ethan's foot was still hurting so I called the emergency doctor again. While I was on the call with the doctor Ethan miraculously found that he could walk again (albeit with a limp).

As we left the house we made sure that we put the sheets on the line so they could dry while we were out.

I also made sure I took the satnav so we could do a nav off between Dave's Landie satnav and my mate Tom. We knew where we were going (Dave's parent's) but it doesn't hurt to check.

Our visit had two objectives: celebrating birthdays and delivering children for school holiday childcare.

We ended up leaving late-ish and got stuck in M25 end-of-weekend queues, and it was raining. Just before we went under the Thames I realised we hadn't handed over the child seats when we handed over the children.

We turned around and righted that wrong.

When we'd re-joined the M25 queue, the rain got worse so I turned to Dave and said "At least the washing will have dried nicely."

I deserved the look I got.

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