Friday, 15 August 2008

Genetic history

We went to Tropical Wings today which is a great day out for the kiddiwinks (and the adults). It's a wildlife sort of place with a tropical house for butterflies, birds, massive koi carp and other strange beasties as well as a massive outdoor area with mammals, reptiles, birds and lots of play areas.

Hannah took her camera (our old digital camera) and her Nintendo DS. These were packaged in a little girly backpack giving her the responsibility of looking after her things.

So when she lost her backpack later in the day, I also lost something; my temper.

And then I reflected. Hannah lost something. Who else loses things on a regular basis?


Hannah was always going to be absent-minded.

Luckily "Auntie Sandra" found the backpack and I regained my composure.

This probably isn't the time or the place to mention that seconds after we discovered the loss of the backpack, I lost Ethan. So I'll leave the tale there.

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