Saturday, 4 August 2007


I'm not very good at gardening.

I like buying things but that's almost where my enthusiasm dies apart from a brief resurgence when things bloom.

I suffer with fluctuating enthusiasm with many projects I enter. Plants don't appreciate this variation in care.

The tomatoes at the side of the house look healthy but they have very spindly bases because there was a time when they ran out of water because I'd forgotten about them.

The bamboo we planted today has lost most of its leaves because it has taken me over a week between the plant being delivered and me summoning the enthusiasm to 'do something'.

And there are some things in the garden I simply can't explain. The wonderfully fragrant white lilac is half dying. Half of the leaves are are turning yellow and brown and the other half are healthy and green. It as though the tree is split in two.

Maybe we need a gardener.


RNB said...

You don't.

Your garden is part of your family. It is organic. It is alive. It is not something you can just buy. It should reflect your choices and your effort.

(not just a random thought at 1am but I practice what I preach)

Ann said...

But surely more effort into family leaves less time for garden effort.

Or the implication is that the neglect suffered by the garden is also inflicted upon the family.

Or if there is an analogy between the children's care and the care afforded to the garden, then I should emply a gardener for some of the work as the children are partially nurtured by nursery and school.

Written just beofre I plan to lounge in the garden. ;)

RNB said...

Sorry, I was sprouting midnight rubbish... now off to the garden to clear midday rubbish!