Sunday, 12 August 2007

Illegal immigrant?

We're almost packed. Everything in suitcases and bags and, yes, we have tickets and passports too.

The problem is that we may not make it to our final destination as intended.

Hannah's passport expires at the end of September, a fact I discovered this morning.

In theory, I thought, this shouldn't be a problem; it's valid for the period of travel. In fact I felt relieved because my worry was that it might have expired and we hadn't thought to check it.

At the back of my mind was a nagging worry that sometimes there's a requirement for a traveller to have six weeks or six months remaining on a passport at the point of entry.

I decided to check online and the website with the most information was the site for the British Consulate in Turkey. The exact wording was "Passports should be valid for six months at the point of entry."

I reviewed my options.

Getting a new passport before 6am tomorrow was not feasible. The word 'should' was used which seemed to me to be more of a request than a requirement. I decided we should wing it.

Best case scenario is on holiday, on time.

My expected scenario is that Hannah is denied access to the flight and we rush around on Monday sorting out the passport and booking new flights and transfers for Tuesday morning.

Worst case scenario is the unknown of Hannah being allowed onto the flight but denied entry to Turkey. I'm not exactly sure what would happen in this situation. I assume that she would be treated like an illegal immigrant, but I'm not sure. Maybe she'd be detained, maybe she'd be sent back on a return flight. I guess I might find out tomorrow.

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