Friday, 10 August 2007

In charge of an ambulance

We wandered in to town today. We spent far longer in town than we had planned.

On our list was: a clothes shop, a book shop, supermarket.

Whilst in the book shop it became obvious that Hannah need the loo so we hastened our departure and planned to use the conveniences at Sainsbury.

As we walked towards Sainsbury Ethan noticed an ambulance pulling up outside.

As we got closer it had parked and people were getting out of it, some being directed into the shop by a security guard. The driver of the ambulance was using the remote key fob to try an lock the vehicle. She tried about five times and each time she checked by attempting to open the driver's door. Each time, the door opened.

I was getting closer and could see she clearly needed to go into the store, but couldn't because the ambulance remained unlocked. Without thinking I went up and said "Do you want me to look after it?"

She replied "Oh, yes please if you wouldn't mind."

And so I stood outside the supermarket, next to an ambulance, in charge.

The engine was running (with no keys in the ignition - weird) and the doors were unlocked. I don't really know what I thought I could or would do to protect the vehicle, but I stood there regardless.

It then occurred to me that we had been in a hurry to relieve Hannah of a need. I negotiated, Hannah waited and half an hour later the paramedics emerged with their patient.

I handed over control of the ambulance and we went on our way, but, for half an hour, I was in charge of an ambulance.


RNB said...

So much opportunity, so little time.

Just think what you could have done with a fully loaded ambulance in half an hour, or maybe think what someone else you know would have done with a fully loaded ambulance in half an hour...

Ann said...

I think that's what they call, opportunity lost. :)

v!sh said...

mmmm? Ques: If she could trust you with the ambulance why couldn't she just leave it there "running" in any case. She did not know you so if she 2trusted" you, why not the rest of the world?