Monday, 27 August 2007

Passport control

After making it through the passport check through to the departure gates at Gatwick I was both relieved and worried at the same time.

I was happy we'd cleared one hurdle but concerned that the next time we might be stopped would be in Turkey.

At Dalaman airport we queued for visas and my heart was racing.

We acquired visas and had only passport control to complete. As soon as we were officially allowed into Turkey I wanted to exit the airport as quickly as possible to avoid the possibility of anyone realising their mistake.

We sprinted down to baggage reclaim, grabbed our suitcases and found our transfer minibus. We had made it.

An hour later, on twisty roads through pretty scenery, I was hit by a thought; we'd left the buggy at the airport. Fortunately we hadn't forgotten the children.


RNB said...

That looks like it took you two weeks to get through passport control ...
welcome back!

Ann said...

In a way it did. I mean we could have had return journey issues....