Sunday, 19 September 2010

Nomination for the election of parent governor*

I don’t really understand this process.  I seem to be nominating myself, which is slightly strange as I’m sure to exhibit some sort of bias.  This isn’t because I couldn’t find another nominee but the process doesn’t seem to require any popular support as a ticket of entry.

I have had help with my “…information about him/herself to go out with the ballot papers. Max 100 words.”  Simon shared his 100 words and I stole quite a few.  Clearly I didn’t steal the bits where I mention I’m a mum.  Simon isn’t like that, but then I think we’ve only met once.

I thought it would be useful for future parent governor nominees if they too could have words to use as their own.  So I am sharing my 99 words.

I'm a mum, who works part-time, with experience in marketing, sales and as a volunteer in a local adult education college. I want to offer this experience to the school.

My daughter Hannah is in Year 4; my son Ethan is in Year 2. I want to play a part in helping this excellent school maintain its hard-earned reputation.

I am constantly amazed by the new things Hannah and Ethan return home from school to tell us. I want to support this wonderful learning environment and ensure we, as parents, continue to be amazed with what our children learn.

None of it is false and I’ve kept the hyperbole to a minimum; having a limit of 100 words helps here.

If you are thinking of nominating yourself then it’s worth checking the school and Ofsted websites and make sure you read the latest Ofsted report.  There’s no point wading in with the above text if the school you’re interested in achieved a poor Ofsted rating.

I think that’s it.  My husband thinks he’ll vote for me; he says at least he knows what he’s getting.  He’s also kindly told me not to be disappointed.  The most that will happen is a tinge of wounded pride; it’s happened before and it’ll happen again.


*Alternative title “Experimenting with semicolons”

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