Monday, 20 September 2010

Social Networking Tart

Thresholds is what this is all about.

It started with MySpace.  I befriended some friends and some randoms too but the randoms weren’t just randoms because there was a tenuous link.  There were perhaps two degrees of separation.

I moved to Facebook and dropped MySpace like the loser that it was.  On Facebook I befriended friends, and people I knew and, very occasionally, people I came to know through other friends.  I drew a line, and there were, and are, some people that can’t join that party.  I understand why people are setting up more than one Facebook account and it’s mainly because of the ability friends have to post to my wall.

Then there was Twitter where friends are just people in a list and it’s a free-for-all, and then I had a freak out moment and protected my tweets.  I don’t think this has made a blind bit of difference to my Twitterverse but I’m still testing this water and I may revert.

The penultimate guest at my party was LinkedIn.  I don’t have any emotional bond with LinkedIn and when I started with it I applied the “have I worked with this person?” rule.  And then I thought “who cares” and moved to “do I know this person, work or not?” And I’ve now reached the “Invitation. Accept.”  I think there are still names I’ll ignore but I’m a LinkedIn tart and I really don’t care who you are.  If it floats your boat to build a massive network of people you don’t know then why shouldn’t I help you.

The latecomer was Foursquare.  And I really don’t care about anything on Foursquare.  At all.

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It’s funny to find out just how many different sites the internet has on this subject. :)