Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Private medicine

I went to the doctor.  The doctor said “Go and see a consultant.” I phoned the health insurance people (being a hypochondriac I definitely get my money’s worth) to get authorisation.  I booked a consultant appointment.  I waited (he was on holiday.)  I turned up for the appointment.

Oh my God!

We talked about my job.  We talked about the auto industry.  We talked about Ford’s fortunes and Skoda and VW, and people he knew who had worked for Ford.  We talked about China and it’s potential political and economic threat to our lives.  We discussed China buying Marks and Spencer (I have no idea why we discussed this.  It was his idea not mine).  We discussed China buying Liverpool Football Club. (Have they really?  I had no idea.)  We discussed my children. We talked about my house and the road I live on, the traffic noise, cars driving the wrong way down one way streets. 

At some point in the 40 minutes we spent together we had a purposeful discussion pertaining to my health that probably lasted five minutes.

It’s OK.  I’m not dying.


Rana said...

He billed for 40 minutes - who paid the bill?

Ann said...

The insurance company who get the income from my employer and me