Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Vote for me

There’s a vacancy at the Junior School for the role of Parent Governor and I’m tempted to apply.  I’m not particularly well qualified which may be a handicap.

I’m not religious and only go to church when the children nag me.  I have no experience in the education sector apart from the experience of being a pupil.  I have no real spare time as, unlike most of the mums at the school gate, I work.  I struggle to fit my work into my working hours and yet I know that School Governor meetings can intrude into the working day.

On the plus side I am not intimidated by a meeting full of people I don’t know and I won’t be shy about voicing opinions.  I have a lot of experience in the private sector and, having worked in marketing for a huge blue chip company for 19 years, I must have skills that can be of benefit.  I am a geek and a nerd and, whilst this may not be a great social asset, this can have its uses.

So what do you think my chances are, and do you have any advice for the sales pitch that needs to go onto the ballot paper (I’m not allowed to lie)?


Charlie said...

I think you're ideal. Being involved in education seems to put people in a bubble that isn't quite in line with the real world. I think a governing board can only benefit from some 'outside' influence. The fact that you're not afraid to ask a question, voice an opinion or come up with a geeky solution to any unusual problem only adds to your appeal. Ignoring all that, you are a parent who is clearly passionate about her kids getting a great education and you are willing to put time and effort into their school. That makes you a great candidate in my book. Only wish I could vote.

Anonymous said...

That sounds a lot like me... and I have found I love being a governor. It is all about wanting to make the school a good place for children to be and being a "critical friend" to the head and staff.
It seems that you are perfectly suited.
Good luck! :-)

Ann said...

Aw, shucks. Thank you.