Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Yoga kills

I went to my yoga class last night for the first time in about two months.  There’s always a break for the school holidays and I wasn’t able to make it last week.

I walked to the station this morning, then from the station to the office and back again at the end of the day adding up to about 50 minutes walking.  I didn’t feel too bad while I was walking, but often a long brisk walk on the morning after yoga is a trigger for aches and pains.  This evening though I feel about 80 years old and my poor body is aching.  But this isn’t why yoga kills.

What happens to me would perhaps allow you to draw the conclusion that yoga causes pain but I’m sure your perception of yoga is that it is a life enhancing, life prolonging activity.

Yesterday evening our yoga instructor made an announcement at the start of the class.  During the summer break, two of the class regulars had died.

I didn’t really know Kay but I really liked Graham.  He had back problems and used yoga to try and help maintain flexibility.  He had a back operation last year and had to take a long break from the yoga class while he recovered.  He did return though, even though he was managing bad back pain.  I don’t know how he died, but he will be missed.

And the result of all of this is that I now consider that I spend my Tuesday evenings undertaking a dangerous sport because yoga kills.


Fitness Freak said...

I completely disagree with what you have written in the post, how can you blame yoga for a person's death, there may be several other reasons for his death, just by saying that he was practicing yoga for a long time , doesn't mean that that person has to die.

Vuk P said...

I think this article is truth. I used to go to regular yoga class back home in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Community hall burn down and so teacher decides to do yoga outside.

Lovely day and we enjoy yoga in sun. Sadly, truck with bad brakes ploughs into class and delivers Marko's grandmother and his aunt into arms of God. So I agree, yoga kills.

Rana said...

pole dancing - that's safe innit?

Ann said...

No, pole dancing would qualify as another extreme sport