Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I need a plan

OK, I need your best idea.  I need a marketing gem, a genius plan, a killer idea.

I need to know about all those things you’ve either wanted to do yourself while you’ve worked in marketing, or things you’ve seen others doing that you consider to be the best.

I plan to plagiarise, steal, nick, borrow, re-work, amend anything you throw my way. 

You see our bosses have hatched an evil plan.  Future marketing budget allocation rests on our collective creativity.  I’m passing the buck, so now this all rests on your creativity.

The product, no surprise, is a car, and to be honest that’s probably all you need to know, except there’s not a whole lot of budget.  Forget all that namby pamby target customer stuff and think “what can start small but grow to be the biggest social media success in the world ever?”

OK, maybe not that huge.  Hyperbole aside, I need something with legs.

I know I’m not making sense, but that’s what happens when you’re trying to work past 11pm.

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