Saturday, 16 October 2010

It pays to complain

We bought Hannah a pair of school shoes in August, just before the new school term.  It was the usual “My haven’t your feet grown.” “30 quid.  Blimey, that’s a bit steep.  Oh well.  I’m sure they were less than that last time. *hands over credit card*”

Last week Hannah complained that her shoes were falling apart.  This was a slight exaggeration but the soles were coming away from the leather.  We determined to go back and complain.

We took the shoes back today and after Hannah tried on loads of shoes we found a pair that accommodated Hannah’s inherited high instep.  I have told Hannah that both her father and I share the awkwardness of a high instep making shoes and boots nigh on impossible to buy.

We went to the checkout.  I didn’t know whether it was going to be a straight exchange or, because the newer shoes seemed to be better quality, we’d end up paying more.  I was pleasantly surprised; Hannah’s shoes were in the sale at £9 which meant I was due a refund of £21.

Bargain!  I’ll be back.  For plimsolls for Ethan and trainers for Hannah, before the month is out.

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