Sunday, 10 October 2010

What a load of

I spent a bit of time up a ladder today.  I cleared some guttering, took the gutter apart to clear the downpipe and then descended.  I then tried to go back up the ladder to continue my work and then I was visited by my enemy Height who had me freaking out just 20 foot up.

I came down and the job continued with me playing the less active role of ballast at the base of the ladder for my far braver husband.

We removed the dandelion and the thistle and thought we were doing quite well, until we got to, what Dave calls, “The Valley”: an area where two roofs meet.  This is what we (Dave) removed from half of “The Valley.”


I think it was a job worth doing, even if Dave did most of it.


Vuk P said...

Looks like worst salad I ever eat in small restaurant in Montenegro.

Ann said...

Where in Montenegro?

Vuk P said...

Restaurant was in village called Slap, north of Podgorica. Restaurant was named Mama's Canteen, but we call it Casino of Death.

Ann said...

Ah Slap. I don't remember going there. Maybe just as well

Rana said...

So b4 yr nme H8 visited you (proof that txtspk doesn't really work), 5 ft you went up the ladder while 7 ft husband was only ballast?

(note to avoid a smacking - heights only estimated to within 20 percent)