Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dear Online Supermarket

Our wonderful and illustrious government has increased the VAT rate by 2.5% to a whopping 20%, bless the politicians well-meaning hearts.

We are actually quite fortunate to have a system in this country whereby VAT is only charged on luxury goods.  You and I may disagree about what constitutes a luxury, but the list of what attracts VAT and what doesn’t isn’t always obvious.

When I buy something I don’t usually know whether it includes VAT or not.  I quite like the idea of denying the government some income, just for laughs.

When I do my weekly shopping online I’d like to click a button and go VAT free.  I’d like the option to see only the non “luxury” items.  I’d like to see how much I can avoid VAT.

So Tesco, Sainsbury, Ocado, Asda, Waitrose Online, Morrisons and any others I haven’t heard of, what do you think?

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