Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Ethan’s been going to a few test choir sessions at the church.  He’s enjoyed it enough that we think he’s going to go every week.

So there was a note asking if Ethan could turn up half an hour early for his first proper choir practise.

We got Ethan there and I discovered that Ethan was early so he could “complete a few tests.”  Ethan was the only boy there.  I handed him over to the choir teacher checking that he needed to picked up an hour and a quarter later.

I then noticed that the choir teacher’s son (our postman) is also there, and he and his father are in choir robes.

As I leave, Ethan is being led into a side room to find a chorister's outfit that he can wear.

Now what’s going through your mind?

There are times when you have to trust people you don’t know well to look after your children, and this was one of those times.

Ethan passed several tests and the remaining choir boys turned up about half an hour after I left for the regular choir practise.  Ethan had fun and wants to go again.

It was all OK. 

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