Monday, 24 January 2011

One born

I like the Channel 4 show One Born Every Minute. It's a bit like hypnosis. I remember things I'd completely forgotten about labour.

It also puts my own experiences into context. I see other people with the same anxieties, the same issues, the same reactions. It's reassuring to know my experiences were normal, as normal as any birth can be.

I also like it because it's wonderful to see babies being born. It's amazing to be allowed to share in such a private experience and to see the emotions people experience.

I invariably cry but that's a good thing.

And I invented a medical condition tonight. One of the mums was shaking terribly after the birth of her gorgeous daughter and it reminded me that I had postnatal shakes too. At the time I thought it was post traumatic stress or ( cue invented medical condition) impending early onset death.

I didn't die, clearly.

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