Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Simple childhood food

I needed this food today. It's something my mum used to cook for me, not often but enough that my brother and I remember it fondly.
I inherited all of my mum's cookery books and I haven't found this recipe, even in the Katie Stewart Winnie the Pooh recipe book which is where I thought it was.
It's a simple, healthy supper.
a sardine sandwich, crusts cut off.
an egg, beaten
some butter and or oil in a frying pan
The sardine sandwich can be made with any bread from a loaf. The sardines should be extracted from their tin and mashed. If you're fussy you can extract any fins and spine before mashing but this is just healthy calcium and I don't bother. You can just use plain sardines but mum used to make it with sardines in tomato. If you like the idea of tomato but only have plain sardines then you can add ketchup.
Once sandwiches are made and cut to size and crusts cut off then they need to be dunked in the beaten egg on all sides.
Fry the sandwiches in heated oil or butter on both sides and eat.

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