Thursday, 20 January 2011


Dave and I are on a mission to digitise the old photos we have, but we have quite different goals.

I want to keep the memory.  If I’m scanning a picture and there’s a mark on the negative I’ll let it go.  I can see past any imperfections because I remember being there.  I’m storing the digital versions on the PC and online.

Dave wants to create photo books to replace the large unwieldy and fading photo albums we have.  For this he wants perfection and any speck of dust must be eliminated either when the negative is scanned or afterwards using Photoshop.

I’ve already scanned a lot, although there is a lot more still to do, and Dave is monitoring my work.  He knows that the quality of each image is less important to me than getting the job done.  He’s already told me that it’s important that whilst we’re doing this we need to do a good job.  By this he means that he wants me to a perfectionist like him to save him work.

My concession has been to try and get the negative scanner to be as dust free as possible, but that is the extent of my effort.

If he really wants to do things to his standards then I think it’s fair for him to spend the time doing it.  I do wonder whether he realises I know exactly what he’d doing.

But here’s one of my imperfect images of one of my favourite places: Crater Lake.



Briggy said...

Nice pic. I'm with hubby for what it's worth. ;)

Ann said...

Hmmm You haven't seen the photo mountain