Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bruno, our housekeeper

A few weeks ago I was looking at the mess we make as a family, particularly anywhere where food and children come together, but also where food preparation and I collide.

I needed a solution.  Yes, I could haul the vacuum cleaner out from under the stairs.  Alternatively I could grab the pathetic handheld vacuum cleaner from another cupboard.

Both of these require regular effort and I am inherently lazy.

So I bought a Roomba and so far, so good.

We've called him Bruno because to give him a female name would be to assign a traditional female stereotypical role and that would be wrong (I live in a feminist household - what did you expect?).

Additionally Roomba sounds a bit like Rumba which is a latin dance.  Out of the Strictly Come Dancing judges, Bruno is the most latin so...

Bruno gets turned on every day, usually while I'm out, and he tours the ground floor of the house in a somewhat random and haphazard manner sweeping, brushing and sucking as he goes.

He's not terribly handsome but he is quite effective.

He needs attention daily because he's quite small and needs emptying daily.  His brushes also need regular maintenance because his brushes end up tangled with hair from Hannah and me.  But it beats the heck out of regular hand vac'ing.

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