Friday, 12 September 2014


I have an iPhone and it's a dog. 

Apple are clearly very annoyed with me because it's been a while since I upgraded. I have gone through the £55 battery replacement but that's the only money Apple have had from me for a while. 

I believe that Apple have somehow degraded the performance of my phone. I've read that there's evidence of Apple iPhone performance degradation when a newer model is launched. Apparently Samsung products don't experience the same issue. 

My phone is slow with battery life that means that one charge doesn't last a day of light use. I've seen the gumpf on the new iPhones and there's nothing that floats my boat. The phone I have does everything I need, it just does it too damn slowly. The phone freezes all the time which drives me mad. 

I'm just annoyed with Apple for spoiling the phone that I was very happy with. I don't want a new phone but my current phone is becoming unusable. 

I understand that this created obsolescence pushes normal customers to buy a new iPhone but I'm not a normal customer; I'm a woman scorned.

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