Sunday, 7 September 2014

Video parenting

I saw a Facebook story about a father who was frustrated by his children's lack of help around the house. He'd filmed an instructional video showing how to change a toilet roll. 

Here's his video: 

Well I have similar issues with my offspring.  

The first example today was plates left on the side rather than put in the dishwasher. 

The second was an apple core left on the side and not put into the food waste bin. 

The third was shopping that belonged to the children and which I had moved to the stairs, a clear sign that the items need to be taken upstairs. 24 hours later and the items were still on the stairs. 

I'm sure there were other things that caused irritation but I decided that I needed to follow the example of the dad shaming his children. 

I have discovered that if children realise you're trying to shame on the internet then they get their act together fairly quickly. 

I tried to make three videos but was thwarted by the children rectifying situations. Two videos have made it to YouTube and I'll decide whether to share when it suits me to decide.

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