Wednesday, 3 September 2014

No more 'poo

I've been experimenting.

I read about people who've given up shampoo.  I'm sure you've also read about the hippies that don't wash their hair at all; apparently the first six weeks are the worst (yuk).

Does anyone else remember the BBC programme from the seventies in which normal people tried to live like people in the middle ages.  I think it was the middle ages.  I've just asked hubby about this and he said he remembered it.  I asked him what it was called and he said it was a big load of poncey hippy crap (or this is my polite translation).  Anyway, they had to do without 'poo and their hair was rank.

Well my experiment has been a no 'poo experiment but not a no washing hair experiment.

I've been trying alternatives to shampoo and conditioner in a post I found on Treehugger.  I am a poncey hippy at heart.

Instead of shampoo one uses a teaspoon of bicarb of soda with a glass full of water.  I use a jam jar, pop the bicarb in add water and shake to mix.

Instead of conditioner one uses a tablespoon of cider vinegar diluted with a glass full of water (I use another jam jar as above).

I've not been doing this all the time; I've been doing it randomly. 

Why have been doing this?  Because I'm a poncey hippy at heart.

Does it work?  Well to my surprise, yes.  It works very well and I think my hair might actually look and feel better when using these alternatives.

Doesn't my hair smell of vinegar?  Surprisingly no, or at least not very much and not for very long.

Isn't it yucky to get these mixtures in eyes?  Well yes but I can't say I'm a fan of shampoo or conditioner in my eyes either.

Would I recommend this?  It depends on your hair type.  I've read that it only works on certain had types.  My hair is thick, bleached, coloured and has natural platinum highlights (my positive spin on a touch of grey) too.

Will I continue this?  Probably, off and on.

Bet you didn't expect this in a blog post eh…?

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PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

I spend a fortune on poncey shmapoo and conditioner for Miss 16 who has gorgeous thick long dark glossy hair. Because she is allergic to the foaming agent which is in almost every shampoo - sodium laureth sulphate.
However, in 4 years of testing every sulphate free shampoo under the sun, we only have found 1 that consistently works for her.
Your solution sounds a great deal cheaper and easier. But can i convince a towie-glam 16 year old to try it? I doubt it. Watch this space!