Wednesday, 10 September 2014

For canine commitment-phobes

Like the idea of a dog but think it's too much of a commitment?

Want a dog but you'd quite like to borrow one for a while to see if it'd work out?

Like the idea of getting exercise by taking a dog for a walk but don't actually want to live with a dog full time?

Would you be interested if I said all if the above was possible?

There are many centres around the country that re-home retired greyhounds and the nearest one to me is the Brentwood Retired Greyhounds Trust at Ashwells .

Ashwells Retired Greyhounds is home to 50 greyhounds who are all looking for their forever homes.  

All of the dogs need to be walked daily.  If you can spare an hour or so on any day of the week then the greyhounds would be delighted to see you (as would the kennel staff).  There aren't enough kennel staff to walk all of the dogs so the trust is reliant on volunteers to provide some exercise for the dogs.

The kennel opening hours are 09:30-12:30 every day and you can just turn up.  

The address is Suffolk House in Ashwells Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood CM15 9SG. The telephone number is 01277 373799 and the website is  

You never know, you might fall in love.


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