Monday, 8 September 2014

Comfort food

I caught a bit of Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food this evening (in between helping Hannah with History homework and Ethan with English homework). The two snippets I saw covered the cheese toaster and chicken tikka masala. 

I understand the premise for the show; the idea is to take the nation's favourites and make them a little more special. 

Let's look at these two, cheese toastie first. Jamie's cheese toastie was a cheddar and red leicester sandwich (white bread) which was fried, both sides and then enhanced with a cheese crown and bottom.

 I don't know about you but a cheese toastie is my "I've got in late and I've been drinking to much" snack. I toast bread (whatever is in the bread bin) then add butter or spread, bung cheese on top (whatever is in the fridge - probably mature cheddar) and grill until oozy. 

I don't think drunk people should be encouraged to operate a frying pan and manipulate melted cheese. 

I don't know what Jamie's thinking. He also suggests it is a suitable dish for breakfast. He's wrong. It's drunk food. 

I'll cover chicken tikka masala tomorrow but I think you can guess where I'm coming from.

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