Monday, 1 September 2014

A simple life

If I had to write a book review for homework over the summer holidays and the book wasn't specified, I'd choose a book that I'd read at least once already.

I'd also choose an easy book. Why choose Tolstoy when you can select Blyton.

Ethan chose a book he hadn't finished before the start of the holidays.

Ethan chose a book for which there are not one but three film adaptations.

He has chosen The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I haven't read (I can't be doing with all that Dungeons and Dragons crap).

He has finished the book and he has watched the films.

School starts back on Thursday and he hasn't written his review.

I tried to persuade him along an easier route but he is steadfast.

Sometimes, just doing enough to cross the line is the best option. Running a marathon for the hundred metre race is a waste of energy.

I think I might be a bit stressed by the end of the week.


Rana said...

Never bought into the whole fantasy genre either - there is enough magic and mystery in the real world ...
but ...
jrr tolkien did not have to spend years brewing the fine nuances of elvish script, jk rowling would still have sold a zillion copies of the last harry potter book if she just knocked off 100 pages of tripe - but she didn't, she aimed for more even when she didn't have to - that's usually a good thing

Ann Cardus said...

The book review is done. It's quite good but a bit sloppy. So the ideas are well considered but the written execution is poor.

This was clearly written in a hurry because there are clearly errors that would not have occurred with a piece of work that had been produced without such a tight deadline.