Friday, 5 September 2014

Don't freak out; chill out

I have seen much consternation in online chit chat about the Facebook Messenger App.

Apparently it doesn't just steal your data, pictures from your camera, and text messages, it also steals your soul and your children, or something.

I don't know how bad Messenger is but Messenger's badness isn't why I hate it.

I am just really annoyed that Facebook is frying me to have separate app.  I was quite happy with Messenger being part of the Facebook app.  I don't understand why Facebook wants me hopping about between apps.  It's inefficient and just very, very annoying.

So, for these reasons, and the paranoid shizzle that is prevalent on the interweb I am sticking a proverbial two fingers up at Facebook.  

You can view Facebook on your phone using your browser.  If you use your browser to find it will automatically redirect to the mobile version of the site.  Simply add this to your home screen because you can still access Messenger from the mobile version of the site.

If adding a website to your home screen is leading you towards thinking I'm a geek (and based on my blog visitor profile, I doubt it) then here'e how to add a website to your home screen (thank you Lifehacker).

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