Thursday, 10 July 2008

Boing boing

So I ordered a trampoline today for Ethan's birthday. I've gone for small but not tiny, mainly because I want to fit it into the garden somewhere but not on grass. If it were to go on grass we'd have no lawn left.

So now, in order to fit the trampoline into the space I've mentally set aside, we need to hack some branches off a conifer, up to a height of about 12 foot. Ideally I'd get the tree removed as it's big and ugly and adds no value but Dave likes trees too much to get it ripped out.

I did think about calling in the tree surgeons anyway and seeing if he noticed. I honestly think it would be about a month before he realised it was gone. It's taller than our house but blends in with tall laurels behind it.

Maybe I could arrange for it to be removed, and when he asks me what happened I can feign a lack of knowledge and suggest it must have been stolen. Doing this and maintaining a straight face, or even faking a shocked expression, would be a challenge but then I did study drama...

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