Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sugar Daddy?

Ethan's birthday yesterday, Ethan's birthday party today.

He opened presents that arrived by post yesterday, and the ones from partygoers today. But there is a problem.

One present (a rather excellent Batmobile with sounds, lights and working missiles) arrived, addressed to Ethan but with no note or card. So we have no idea who sent it.

The only clue we have was the post office label with postcode of the sender: IP3. I think this is Ipswich and I don't know anyone in Ipswich. I didn't think Ethan did either. Unless he has a Sugar Daddy.


Anonymous said...

The Batmobile was from the Bennickes xx

Ann said...

Ah, that explains it. Well thank you, from a little boy who has loved the lights and sounds but thankfully hasn't quite figured out the missiles.

Ann said...

Well actually it doesn't....Ipswich?

Anonymous said...

It was through Amazon and the shop must have been in Ipswich. There should have been a note explaining it was from us..