Thursday, 3 July 2008

Knowing ones future

Ethan and I were discussing his future today. It goes something like this:

Ethan's going to marry when he's 110 years old. He's going to marry a rude boy who doesn't say "pardon me, excuse me" when he farts.

This rude boy lives across the a huge ocean and we established that, more specifically he lives in New York.

Ethan is going to get a very speedy plane to get to New York and we thought that although Concorde has been mothballed that by the time Ethan is close to 110 there are likely to be supersonic aircraft once more. He will know the rude boy's house because it will be the first house that he finds. We did discuss using a boat as transport but decided it would be too slow.

Auntie Mel asked him about marrying a rude girl, but Ethan is set on the idea of the rude boy and would not be persuaded.

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