Sunday, 13 July 2008


Hannah participated in a gymnastics competition today.

I know what you're thinking - "pushy parents".

Well I'd disagree. Hannah does gymnastics every Saturday morning. It's my way of playing catch up because we don't have the same time that other children have after school because of my working hours. I see it as a bit of fun that might help her co-ordination and confidence. The competition was also a bit of fun organised by the girls that run the Saturday gymnastics sessions.

Hannah didn't have a special outfit for the competition (unlike some of her competitors) but she did have her family there to support her, even though not everyone was there willingly.

Ethan did not want to go to the competition at all but he settled down a bit when we told him to concentrate on Hannah and gave him something to do when she was having her turn (clap like crazy and shout "Go Hannah! Go Hannah!")

He didn't contain his vocal enthusiasm for just supporting Hannah.

In the middle of one little girl's routine the audience were very quiet, except for Ethan, who could be heard across the hall "She's not very good is she?"

Well he was right, she wasn't.

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